Canon Camera Shoot

On this shoot I was lucky enough to work with the ever so talented photographer Joey Lawrence who is represented by Westside Studio :) A 3 day shoot filled with adventure:

Day 1 outdoors in the woods a beautiful unknown location far north
Day 2 from morning till evening on the water in a ferry
Day 3 indoors and outdoors at a university.

It was a cold and wet 3 days but I would not have taken any of them back. Thank goodness for the Hot Paws I packed to keep my fingers warm for touch ups on our lovely models.

The overall look on the models was quite stylish, if I may say so myself, as I fell in love with many of the outfits chosen for each shot. Make Up and Hair was to be nothing over the top, just simple beauty which was a pleasure since we had some stunning talent chosen for this shoot :) The focus is of course, the amazing Canon Camera :) Looking forward to

teaming up with these folks again in the future :)

Here are some behind the scene shots:





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