My shoot with Dina Pugliese of BT Canada

What else can I say except that this woman is just a delight to work with. Full of positivity and good spirits, we laughed until tears came to our eyes. Thank goodness I have q-tips on hand to catch her tears (not to mess up her make up of course) haha The comfort level was present the moment we met and for everyone who watches her on television every morning 5 days a week you will know how free spirited and fun Dina is. Her personality does not vary from on air to off air …Smiles all around!!

If you do not watch Breakfast Television I would get on that train. Great way to see what is happening in our world every morning and stay on top of current situations.

Here are some of the behind the scenes giggles we had on Friday afternoon:




The day we shot was extremely hot and we visited beautiful locations such as High Park

to the right in the middle of the city. The crew was amazing and it was such a pleasure to be a part of this fun campaign.

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