#VellaApproved – Vita Liberata

I rarely post videos and am always told I should be in front of the camera more…So I gave it another go…. What do you think?


Self Tanning Anti Age Serum is BOMB!

Designed to work with your skincare to give you a subtle lasting golden glow without interfering with your skincare regimen. Other benefits include:

– Natural rose, neroli, cucumber and peptides to restore natural radiance and plump, smooth and nourish skin.
– Moisture locking hydrating extracts
– HyH20 technology

adds balance
– Offers additional anti-age benefits
– Balanced DHA levels allow you to choose the depth of your tan by adding 1-3 drops to existing skincare.
– Odour Remove technology makes serum 100% odourless

BIG THANKS & HUGS to @langtonpr for sharing my video!!

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