#VellaSays – What colours will make YOUR eyes pop??

My most asked question…. What colours will make my own eye colour stand out??

So let’s get you all sorted! First off let’s take a look at the good old colour wheel. The colour opposite of your eye colour is what will bring out your eyes and make them pop!

Colour Wheel


To make your eyes pop, use contrasting hues — the shades found opposite blue on the color wheel. Contrasting eye shadow colors http://acheterdufrance.com/ range from brown, mauve and dark purple for the deep eye shadow colors to orange, gold, peach and dusty rose for lighter neutrals.


To make your eyes stand out gear towards contrasting eye shadow colours ranging from: plum, burgundy, violet, wine, pink, copper tones and reddish browns.


Ok I’ll be honest, you don’t have the most amazing range of choices with colours to enhance your eyes BUT you do have golden brown tones and gold shadows…. This combo is killer!!


This is me!! Dark eyes, especially if you have darker hair offers the most flexibility, however if you want to get into colors like vibrant blues, greens, purples, I vote YES!!. If you are desiring a more subtle look then terracottas, reddish browns and corals are definitely go tos.

There you have it!! Stay tuned for my beauty blog video this upcoming Monday!!

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