#VellaSays – What’s the deal with your oily skin?


This is a topic that I have experience with first hand. And really this is why..Here is MY SECRET: I’ve always had oily skin! Throughout high school my hormones were all over the place and I had acne that I was dealing with on a regular basis. I even had to visit a Dermatologist Acne Clinic quite often…WOMP WOMP!! No shame in that!! Do what you gotta do people to help balance things out!!

We all have different types of skin and there are ways we can help each kind. Oily skin may be a pain in the butt however, the oils your skin develop will keep your skin soft and supple resulting in younger looking skin which is always a bonus. Personally I wouldn’t trade in my oily skin in for anything!

Let me share some knowledge:

– Although your skin is oily it is still in need of moisture. Weird I know, but true ;) Lightly moisturizing your skin with oil-free products will give https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/a-quoi-sert-le-viagra/ your face some moisture so it won’t have to work as hard to develop it!

– Always look for products that say Non-Comedogenic – This means the chosen product will not clog your pores. With oily skin you definitely do not want to block pores and encourage acne… Trust Me!

– First instinct is to wash your face more often to rid these oils, right? Well this will actually strip your skin and can trigger an increase in oil production while irritating skin, causing sensitivity and even acne.

– Oil Blotting – When it gets to the point that you feel like a complete shineball then go in with Oil Blotting Sheets. Do not rub but instead hold on the oily area for a few seconds and lift. You will see the oil absorb in the sheet before your eyes. Kleenex works wonders too! Yep!
Oil Blotting Sheets

EXFOLIATE – If you are oily yet your skin feels dry that possibly means your skin has surface dehydration. The dead skin cells will clog pores so lets help your skin out and give it some love with exfoliation.

– If you are working out or have excessive sweating then washing your face and/or wiping your face afterwards (I use tea tree oil wipes) will encourage unblocked pores.
Tea Tree Oil

With oily skin sometimes comes acne, so let me touch on this.

First off, stay calm! It is not the end of the world and there are ways to treat it. Be patient with your skin! If you feel like you have done anything

and everything and nothing is working, then there is always the option of visiting an acne clinic to explore your options. More often than not acne is hormone related but there are so many other factors to consider. Here are a few:

– The products you are using on your face and body (if you have body acne) are clogging your pores.
– If spraying hairspray to set your hair, cover your face! Otherwise the hairspray will land on your forehead/cheeks and seal your skin not allowing it to breathe.
– Excessive sweating
– Not cleaning your skin at all –

Washing with just water is not cleaning your skin ;)
– Using body lotion on your face (This actually makes me cringe)
– Holding your cell phone on your cheek for too long.
– Ladies/Gents with bangs – Your hair develops oils which can seep down on your forehead and clog pores.

#VELLAAPPROVED – I’ve used many different products over the years, some worked yet some didn’t. Recently I found the most amazing line to keep my acne in check and have shared it with so many people who have reaped the benefits as well. TRUTH – Before I invested in this regimen I brought the information to my long time Acne Dermatologist to ensure I was not about to waste my money. She gave it two thumbs up so I was sold!

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Here is my reasoning:
– The face wash contains Sulfur – sulfur unclogs pores and reduces redness. You can even use the cleanser as a mask.
– The toner is Alcohol-free and gently unclogs pores with mild alpha-hydroxy acids.
– The treatment has benzoyl peroxide in it which absorbs deep into the pores, killing bacteria and stopping breakouts before they start. I use to pay high $$ when getting a benzoyl peroxide prescription from my dermatologist. This is a cheaper solution which I am ecstatic about!

For my more natural readers out there. You can also spot treat with Tea Tree oil. This kills bacteria and is an anti-inflammatory. But don’t over use as it can irritate and burn skin.

So there you have it!! My secrets to oily skin and acne all in one!!

Send me your questions/comments!! I want to know what your fave products are and why?!?! :)

Have the most amazing week!

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