Vitamin C – 5 skin benefits to applying topically

You always see skincare products boast that they’re packed with vitamin C, I know I do. Sounds great, right? We all know how crucial vitamins are to our overall health, but do you know what vitamin C can do for your skin? There are many brands promoting vitamin C serums and masks, but why?

If you’re a Vitamin C pill taker or a avid Orange Juice drinker who thinks you get enough Vitamin C from that in itself. The truth is the majority of the vitamin C we ingest doesn’t even make it to our skin. Applying vitamin C to your skin is a crazy 20 times more effective than taking a supplement so depending on what your specific need is you may have to adjust your routine.

Truth – Vitamin C has been used for skincare for decades and here is some benefits that you should be aware of:


Vitamin C protects viagra sans ordonnance from the free radicals our skin endures from the sun, pollution as well as toxins that none of us need around. Added Bonus: it intensifies the benefits of sunscreen.


We ALL want more Collagen!!!!

Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen which reduces fine lines and keeps skin from sagging giving our skin a plump, youthful appearance.


Vitamin C actually helps the skin repair itself. This is beneficial for anyone who has scarring on their face or any part of their body for that matter. You won’t see results immediately, its a slow but steady race this time.


Topically, vitamin C can help fade discolorations, scars, and is a wonderful natural skin brightener. It also helps with sun spots by encouraging cellular renewal, at a more rapid rate. Basically telling your skin to make new cells to replace the damaged ones, pronto.


Vitamin C helps the skin create more elastin to thicken skin, help it retain moisture, and smooth skin’s surface. This goes back to vitamin C’s role in collagen production. The same way collagen fillers work to fill and plump skin, vitamin C gives the skin the same effect naturally and on a smaller scale.

All facial products with vitamin C aren’t created equal….So a tip for you is to look for products with ascorbic or L-ascorbic acid as the active ingredient. To do this it should be one of the first few items listed on the products list of ingredients. The further down the list, the less the ingredient is present similar to all other ingredients listed. Always check the ingredient list on products your spending money on.

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So tell me have you ever tried incorporating vitamin C into your skincare regimen? Leave a comment with your results or any tips and tricks to share.

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