NBA All Star Weekend!

What a fun experience!! Hard to believe how amazing every guy and gal whom I crossed paths with was.

I had the pleasure of working with the forever entertaining Charles Barkley, humble Ernie Johnson, confident Kenny Smith, and the astonishingly tall Shaq O’Neal during their time in Toronto, Canada. Although this has been the warmest winter we have ever had all of Toronto’s guests experienced the coldest weekend we had for the year thus far. Here I was hoping we would leave that image of Toronto being excessively cold behind us…Fail!

Each day consisted of endless smiles and laughter with these four very different personalities I had the pleasure of prepping every day. The jokes were ongoing during every show and I was completely in awe when I was sitting right behind the commentary table during the ever famous three point and dunk off competitions. Especially since growing up I was the captain of our high school basketball team and was invited to play in the league all star game myself (fun fact some of you may not have known) :)

An experience of a lifetime and one I will smile about for years to come.

Other guests who visited during the weekend included: Steve Nash, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Drake, Reggie Miller, Russell Westbrook and many more :)



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