#VellaSays – Concealer Tricks

We always want some trick of the trade to make our lives easier… So here are a few with your concealer.

Concealers can be used for so many things from actually

concealing dark circles to highlighting, contouring and shaping your brows and lips. Here are some ways to use concealer!

Green Concealer – If you are going to use this then you want to do this after your moisturizer and before your foundation and skin colour concealer. Greens are used to colour correct reds but don’t over do it or you will be a green faced lady. Minimalism at it’s best!

Cream Concealer – This is a denser concealer usually used to hide imperfections. If you have wrinkles then this can be cakey if not applied properly. So go in with the theory less is more AND make sure you set with a light powder to avoid creasing! One more thing….stipple instead of rub for more coverage ;)

Liquid Concealer – Liquids are amazing for highlighting

your skin as well as any lighter imperfections. Definitely has a lighter feel and is amazing to use under eyes if wrinkles are present. If you have discolouration under the eyes then ensure that there is a hint of yellow, salmon or orange depending on your own skin tone to cancel out the darkness.

Concealers used for Contour – This is also a very useful trick for those wondering into the contouring world. Remember contouring should be subtle, only one or two shades darker than your actual skin tone. The colours you http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/le-iene-cialis/ choose should also be on the ashy side as shadows are ashy in colour not warm.

Concealers used for Non-Touring – Highlighting can be done by using a shade or two lighter than your actual skin tone. Doing this with concealer is a more natural way to accentuate your beauty.

These are all ways concealer can be used to your advantage and make your morning routine one step easier!

Questions?? Write them in the comment box and I will respond ASAP.

See you next week!!

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