#VellaSays HOW TO — Apply False Lashes

Ladies this one is for you!!

Many have asked me how to successfully apply lashes to yourself so we are going to dive right in!! Although I never wear lashes myself (except on halloween Haha) I can share a tip or two to help with your journey!! Now I know this could be intimidating but is definitely doable and with practice you will become a pro in no time!! BE PATIENT with yourself!!

My 1st bit of advice is to try to avoid applying your lashes looking in the mirror this way:


If you do the whole process will be slightly more challenging since you are not allowing yourself enough room to work your magic. Perhaps when you become a pro you can work up to this :) Instead Ladies, I want you to succeed so do consider applying like this:

Eyes Looking Down

A definite helpful tool to invest in and I personally cannot go without in life is this #vellaapproved magnified mirror:

Simple Human Mirror

This is my favourite and to be honest I use this mirror daily to apply make up and pluck unwanted hair, you name it! It IS up close and personal BUT you are with yourself in your bathroom so it’s ALL GOOD!! This will make it MUCH easier when looking down to apply your lashes. It’s all about perfecting your art!!

Now onto the application…WOOT WOOT!! First thing you want to do is measure the lashes you have purchased to your actual eye. This way you will see if you need to trim your lashes to fit you better, like a pair of shoes everyone’s eyes come in many different sizes!! Place the false lashes on the correct eye and measure it out. If you do have to trim your lashes do not fear, use a pair of manicure scissors and trim from the outer (the opposite side that is closest to your nose) part of the lashes.

Now, once this is complete you will need Eyelash Adhesive. My go to #vellaapproved is:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.51.09 PM

Duo Eyelash Adhesive is used in applying a thin line of glue along the actual lash line on your false lashes.

IMPORTANT TIP- After you apply a thin line of DUO Eyelash Adhesive along the actual lash line on your false lashes (this is BEFORE applying to your eyelid, to avoid the lashes from moving too much until dry) wait 30 to 60 sec for the glue to become tacky(half way dry) before applying. This will help the lashes to stick and stay BUT make sure you do not miss a spot when applying the adhesive, if you do you may find the ends will stick up and not actually be stuck to your eyelid.

The main goal is to stick the lashes as close to your actual lash line as possible. Some achieve this with the help of a (non sharp ;))slant tweezer. My FAV #vellaapproved is Tweezerman:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.50.17 PM

When the eyelash adhesive is tacky on your fab false lashes apply to your eyelid from the outer edge inward. This will ensure you achieve that nice winged flare at the outer edge of your lashes that we all love! Hold for a few minutes if necessary while looking in the mirror straight on to ensure the lashes are in fact as close to your lashline as possible.

TIP – DO NOT close your eyes. You do not want to risk gluing your eyelids together. Not a fun experience. Continue to look down until you know the adhesive is completely dry.

Finally, once the adhesive is dry apply a coat of mascara, yes your heard me, this will attach YOUR lashes to the FALSE Lashes to appear as one and look as real as possible :)

The final step is … ENJOY!! You have done it!! Now repeat on the other eye!!

Be proud of yourself and remember practice makes perfect because #VellaSays!!

P.S. LOVE ME some #vellaapproved KISS Eyelashes!!!

If you have any questions about this information leave a comment and I will be happy to clarify and let me know topics that YOU want to know about :)

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