Vogue Italia/Remark Magazine…WOW!

This shoot was a absolute and utter blast!! I am so proud and honoured to find out one of the shots is published on VOGUE ITALIA ONLINE:


Not to mention the story was also published in Remark Magazine :) To know it was as much fun as it was it made it even more rewarding.

The Make Up theme was METALLICS!! I had so much fun creating these looks and pressing my metallic powders onto her eyelids while keeping her cheeks and lips softer to add to the intrigue. Burgundy’s and Blue’s winterlicious colours all contributed to the overall theme! We collectively worked together for each and every look, location, pose: The gowns were contributed by the amazing Stephan Caras as we fell in love with their unique design and hand chosen by the talented Ashley Galang. All of her hair designs were uniquely chosen and executed by Irina Lavrega and the breathtaking photography by non other then Ramin Deravian.

At one point or the other the model needed some direction so as you can see in the photos below I was happy to get down to demonstrate…. haha Can you say Art Director??

So pleased with this shoot, outstanding team, and talent that is clear in all of the photos:







photo 4

photo 3

photo 3 (1)

photo 2

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